Two worlds, Chile and France, the story of a life and its people. A Chilean-French couple formed by Victoria Jaramillo and Jose Luis Martin-Bouquillard, and his friend Georges Blanck, French winemaker sharing together their passion for wines of excellence around a contemporary vision. Later on, Clos Andino starts its development in Asia with the incorporation of Xinglei Pan, renowned Chinese entrepreneur.

There are many wines with different origins. Jose Luis Martin-Bouquillard, living in the heart of the Chilean vineyards, has selected and customized the best terroirs, so each vine expresses its potential, making a limited number of bottles respecting the style of Clos Andino with the purpose of proposing the best of Chile and France.

About Chile; we already know the enormous potential of quality of it and for 40 years has become famous in the world, with wines that compete at the highest international level. About France; Jose Luis has the support and tradition of a family who has always been linked to wine, he is nephew of André Portet, ex-technical director and wine maker of Château Lafite-Rothschild, whose children Bernard and Dominique are the founders of Clos Du Val in California and Taltarni in Australia.